Thomas, Thomas (yet another free plug awarded to a rightful winner)

You might think a tom-tom could be useful for finding your way to a distant clients residence? maybe get you to a meeting in time? or most notably save you huge amounts of postage costs on ebay?

You would of course be right!
but nothing compares (no, nothing compares) to the functionality of this tool when your not actually looking for a road or an address or any type of civilisation -but are in fact trying to get away from these things!

On a recent recording trip to Wales I found that I could find myself rivers an pan out find the nearest A + B roads in order to get away from the eternal din of traffic noise.

A very handy tool indeed – and even if like me you don’t have a car i’d recommend one, though charging could be an issue.

I just hope in future Tom-Tom install features common to ordinance survey maps such as altitude, terrain and landmarks and more sonic sensitive features – a traffic db reading would be nice but maybe that is wishful thinking. So I call upon the first GPS savvy reader of this blog entry to invent the ultimate phonographers friend – a GPS to end all the nightmares of noise pollution!……Flight paths please!

I’ll hold on for a while – see if anyone gets round to it. If not i guess the north of Scotland it is for me.

Heres an idea of just how lost you can get in the welsh valleys with the help of TomTom:

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