The most notable sounds in my vicinity recently

A small list of the sounds that have stayed with me this past week or so and the thoughts they stirred.

the bin men throwing bags of trash – woke me from my slumber, but i returned to sleep, even though my brain awoke alarmed about sounds of smashing glass.

hammering of the builder next door – interior and virtually un-locatable. Confusion of spatial characteristics.

a lambourghini reversing into a tight spot – sound outweighing image. Close ones eyes and your racing.

the sound of my footsteps on my floor – cheap floor underlay giving polyester charm to the wood above.

the sound of three laptop fans in one small room – laptops outweigh people in this house and the sound shows how daunting a prospect this is.

a high pitch tone from an old radio – a momentary fear of tinnitus until movement got involved.

the sound of a child’s voice – we don’t have any children in our block, someone must have had visitors an it’s amazing how the high pitch sound stands out and travels.

a bass rumble that I have no idea of the origin – not sure if I felt or heard it or if it was “real”.

two screams – vicious and sinister in volume, joyful in tone
the sound of the floor scraping on the underside of a car body – otherwise known as a “dub rub”, a very uncomfortable sound.

a broken P.A speaker at a train station – Materialising sound indices taken to a new level of lo-fi.

a mouse scurrying and falling down to track level at the same station – as quiet as a mouse.

the sheer volume of the human voice in JD wetherspoons – highlighted by musical silence.

the grandious musical score of the new version of Alice in Wonderland – suited to the period maybe, elegant yes, suited to the mood no.

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