12 options

It struck me today, whilst doing some midi sketches that despite all the rallying against western tonality of late – it really is beautiful.
It may just be socially programmed and there may well only be 12 options but something inside of me knows the next note, knows the sympathetic combination’s, knows how to feel when presented with a minor key, knows how to roughly sing along to each tone.

I myself battle against tonality, argue the cause of spectral communism and practice what i preach.

However unlike some more determined protesters I appreciate what has happened to our ears. It might be limited, but it is beautiful to us. We know it’s wrong – eastern music teaches us this by using a whole new set of tones and the fact that it’s the intervals not the tones we care about, but we do not care.

You see just a strange a phenomenon as girls being pretty in pink – absurd as a colour is merely a colour – but still undeniably true?

So why argue against it? Of course to push boundaries break away from our cultural programming. But one could do this just as easily by using it – and after all there are a lot worse socially in bedded problems in this world than thinking a 5th interval is beautiful.

So i hereby state that my work, will occasionally once again embrace the western way as one of aesthetic value and not push it away as done or popular or boring etc. etc. After all our solar system is a beautiful place and this is the music of the spheres.

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