There I sit, trying to enjoy a picnic on Hampstead Heath with my other ½ and low an behold along comes a fully fledged film team – I ogle in awe for a moment. My, my  that is an almighty windshield (yes truely it was) and my how long your boom is. For a split second the boom operator became my hero, my own personal Gsus(4).

This was until, until I realised – this oaf was not only wearing a jacket made out of nylon or polyester,  but a jacket made out of nylon or polyester that was expanded so much that it gave no hope of limb movement without the material meeting itself – and getting paid!

Puffa Jackets – Loud

This may seem ridiculously anal but why was he not wearing cotton? His job entails holding and moving a microphone (silently!) yet he chooses to wear something that scrapes and screeches at even the slightest movement. I’d love to call it amateur but considering he’s the one who’s a member with a thirty strong film crew I feel this would be rather silly of me.

You see this is a problem these days, people don’t consider the little things. “oh this microphone is absolutely brilliant and my leads all de-oxidised and gold plated and they even have a nice little bit of Velcro to keep them tidy oh oh oh”. This may well be true and well done – but you’re just going to hear you’re (very nearly published a rude word here) jacket even clearer then aren’t you!

You see i’m not being anal, i’m merely being aware. So the next time you go out on a recording mission do as I do. Get your baggy sweats out (hell buy some if you don’t have them already they are so cheap) and breath like a shaolin monk or preferably not at all. Then, red faced and looking like a rollerblader, go back to the studio and relish in the fact that you don’t have to think “oh i moved there…edit” every 30 seconds (and laugh at those mere mortals who wouldn’t even consider the effects their attire would have on their work)


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