There a a few slight slight problems with this piece of kit – having to format in order to record at different rates, the mono compatability…..

But dont let these put you off – the Fostex Fr2 LE is what can only be described as a beast! Not Hd but easy to use, durable and has a 2 second pre record function for all those magic (and usually missed) moments. It also has the amazingly practical dual XlR + 1/4 inch inputs, that for compatibilities sake every field recorder should  have! (oh and I forget if your a media mogul type the built in mics – which are otherwise crap – (but come on if your thinking of using them maybe you ought to consider getting a decent mic first!) are set out very nicely for table top interview recording)


Despite a few teething problems and a £400 price tag this come highly recommended. It has all the ease of use of the £200 – £300 handhelds and DVD sound quality of it’s more expensive peers. I haven’t used the new Tascam HD’s however just from the look I would argue that Fostex have been a lot more prepared for the toils and spills of field work by doing away with anything that, well, sticks out! All in all this Product is sturdy, come rain or shine or 4ft drop!

But make sure you load you mics with batteries because the phantom doesn’t half drain the juice!

Then sit back, relax and let USB 2.0 do the work (don’t moan it’s not firewire – everyone needs a quick break after a days recording!)

I don’t normally do ratings but this one gets 8/10 – I can not wait to see the next offering from Fostex, who are most certainly at the pinnacle of location gear.


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