The Land of Oppourtunity

So I have finished University…………………..

The wide world awaits me, the cash cow doth moo and the word responsibility echo’s around the room like a bad bit of Hollywood – where the seemingly silent enemy decides to whisper darkly for some strange reason!

I’ve heard that

“it’s not what you do while your at university, it’s what you do while your not at university that counts”

I agree with this – however I have learned a hell of a lot while I was there and practiced a hell of a lot while I was not!

3 years of solid editing, recording, performing, learning etc etc. I may have been pessimistic before but It turns out that in the end all is well – I have been subjected to a routine of aural shadowboxing – I would like to turn the past three years in to one ultimate training montage.

The basic message of this post is – those of you who make silent enemies whisper unnecessarily, think every crow that has ever been on screen has to Caww or feel we have to draw to the furthest musical stereotype possible ( I just watched Sherlock Holmes – maybe a small amount yes, but British folk music is not just Irish penny whistles and jigs….And a trailer for a film about Nelson Mandela and Rugby, the title I cannot recall – Just because it’s set in Africa doesn’t necessarily mean the use of amazonian choral chants and deep harrowing percussion will set the piece off, it’s set in recent history for goodness sakes! I mean, I understand stereotype and connotation and how they can be played upon at times but there’s a fine line between subtlety and just being mildly racist and not investing in the audience) had better up there game.

I’m loose on the world now, and yes I have my work to do before I get to you, but beware.

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