Returning home


Once again I am safe and sound at home in the UK. I’ve spent the festive season bed ridden with some evil combination of international man flu and the common cold! After some down time after my most recent job as an audio tech in the middle east it’s about time to get things moving again. By moving I mostly mean shopping for some audio treats for myself! As usual i’m torn and spoilt for choice but isn’t that part of the fun. A korg ES1 or a Fender Jazz bass or a fostex FR2-LE or a…………..the list goes on and on and round an round – but be safe in the knowledge that improvements to the studio are always priority! Until then i’ll be finishing up a short film i’ve been working on and hunting for more projects to get my teeth in to!

It’s nice to be back. I’ll be updating my CV soon and writing a full bit on my time working at the Qatar National Convention Centre soon enough.


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