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SonicBirth is another wonderful open source piece of software hosted by the wonderful team at

audio plugin sonic birth


The software works in a similar manner to PureData or MAxMsp, in a more plugin audio oriented environment and with far less complicated coding than PureData. I’m currently experimenting the the premade objects contained in the software. I’ve created a few small patches on Pd before so the workflow is fairly familiar and alot quicker to pick up. I will be letting you in on my creations and there is even a chance we could see some custom mac audio plugins in Audio Unit (AU) format available for free download on the site.

I’d highly recommend this software willing to experiment and push their audio practice. I do however think that to gain the full potential one will have to delve deep into the mathematical side of audio programming, something which i’m sure will prove a great challenge.

I’m currently working on my first plugin – an idea which I had. A multi-band distortion – so we could say keep the round end of our bass heavy and add some drive to the upper end of the bass after around 180Hz. Seems to me something that used subtly could enrich mixes on percussion busses, instruments and basses. I’m just working on the aesthetics of the plugin at the moment ( another very cool feature of SonicBirth) and it should be ready sooon, i’ll post some pictures – unfortunatley i doubt i’ll be making this Audio Unit available to the public as i’m not sure how stable my first plugin will turn out to be! And of course, we all have to have our secret weapons!

All in all i’m really excited about the prospect of AU development. It’s something i’ve been interested in and been thinking of ideas about for a long while. Unfortunatly apples support, although readily available,  hasn’t really helped my non mathematical mind on its quest for the .vst grail thus far. I doubt i shall ever manage to recreate the caliber and clarity of the Waves teams work or Rob Papen himself but i do intend to make some very interesting and hopefully rather revolutionary plugins, pumping new ideas into the seemingly stale audio plugin atmosphere.


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