Fashionista and ex John Gallenano employee, Crimson Rose O’Shea requested I make a piece of custom audio for her graduation collection.  Psychologically challenging and acoustically daring the piece aimed to bring the spirit of the Nehalem to life and bring a feeling of dread to the audience. The audio and the collection itself have received acclaim and wide coverage across the web. The piece was performed at 3 fashion shows across London UK, one of which was sponsored by Loreal. unfortunately I’m not at liberty to share the piece with you as it was decided the work should be for the exclusive use for the said fashion shows. I can however tell you that wild screams, thick subs and discordant instrumentation helped to create the desired effect. The piece ended the Loreal sponsored show in a flurry of high drama – I’m very happy to have worked on this project and brought something new to the fashion table. Keep a look out for future works with fashion industry faces, as this is an idea i’m interested in taking further.

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