One small step into game sound

One has always considered sound in interactive media as a highly interesting topic. Gaming in particular interests me, it’s endless, un-listable, sonic potential – which my peers are pushing every day – draw me to it. I can not boast (yet) of proficiency in audio middleware packages and unfortunately I am no script-fu fighter. But these are things I intend to discover either on my own or in further academic study over some years (If I can find anywhere to learn Wwise at postgrad level). Until then I will use my time to; look into the basics of UDK’s browsers and events; Build sounds and imaginary events in Wwise and hope for enlightenment on how to mate the two programmes to hit me………..

Tall ladders contain many steps, and the boots of AAA game audio designers come very very big! Thats why , humbly, yet outrageously egotistically, announce my first small step in the field of games. Our latest commercial project, with a new Dutch client, was the entire sound design for a small Java App game. I had a great time working on the game and look forward to seeing future devs from the team. After spending hours researching and putting focus on the theoretical side of interactive audiovisual media it was really great to put some things I’ve learnt into practice as well as getting a first real taste of hands on game sound design. More of this please.

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