Digico Day

I recently took a trip to rochdale for another round of Digico training. The guys at Wigwam audio provided the scene for a full day of tinkering and learning on the SD series consoles. Having only used the D series before the session brought an insight to all the great new features on the SD series and on the new firmware update – which finally includes a limiter on each channel! I can’t wait to get my hands on another Digico console now. After a few more practice sessions, or sessions as a tech on these desks I’ll be able to confidently put together my own shows on these consoles. Something i’m really looking forward to as these desks, to me, seem to have a huge amount of creative potential in terms of automation, macro control and scene function. I must admit i am becoming rather a Digico snob, but it seems to me that these desks are so openly programmable and versatile that i’d be foolish not to work on becoming an advanced user of such systems.

Big thanks to everyone at Digico/Wigwam for the lunch and great advice on their products! Keep your eyes peeled for the MAdiface – a highly compact, simple and cost effective way to run protools alongside your Digico in order to host authentic sound checks with dry audio recorded from the system without the need for a band, DJ or speaker etc. This is not something i’m familiar with but it’s something i’m keen to learn about and purchase at a later date.

The only downfall really is that I need a copy of bootcamp to run the offline editors for Digico hardware, would a port have been so hard, given the amount of OSX users in the audio world? Oh well, not everything can be as bespoke as an SD7 – I suppose us noise boys have to do some work at some point!

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