So i’m entering into my 6th month of this financial year 2012-2013 of our/your or everyone/ no one’s Lord. Time to look back and start on the wondrous task that is getting my accounts in order. What a joy. Time to flex excels auto summing muscles. I received a call from the wonderful people HM revenue & customs today. To my surprise rather than a grilling over my first years tax band, or demands for down payments I was met by piles of good advice on how to avoid paying any taxes at all! It seems that the wonderful lady on the other side of the phone thought i’d be best making investments in myself rather that pay any taxes in this the early stages of my career – “an remember if you don’t need to use up your capital investments this year don’t and save them for next year.”

I guess us self employed folk, that can’t afford to waste precious pennies on accountants. Are sympathised with & just perhaps regarded as valuable in society. I mean how much money have you brought into the UK from overseas lately? Perhaps, just perhaps the ‘man’ has realised that little old me is struggling by and he’s giving me a pat on the back for saying no to the dull, low paid 9-5 that people with an upbringing like mine are destined to serve in. A chance that the benefit & education system in this fine land has given me.

Never mistake humbleness for a lack of aspiration, that would be a grand mistake to make. For now I’m positive, the work is coming in and the tax man in my friend. I’m sure this will all change by the time i’ve done my accounts & received my first National Insurance bill. Maybe I missed out on Monte Carlo this time, maybe offers like that only come once in a lifetime. C’est la vie – one thing I know is I don’t dream of tax havens & off shore accounts. I dream of giving back to this wondrous society that we call Great Britain. These two islands on the western stream of okeanos – this elysium

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