Happy Hogmanay


Another Year has drawn to a close. It’s been our biggest so far. I’ve had chance to work with people from all over the planet. My Arabic has improved as has my Spanish, unfortunately my French is still lacking despite the efforts from my two favourite French sound techs! My international English is fantastic, my german weak! 

The best thing I’ve bought this year? A flight pillow – the thing has made my life heaven – even beats the Arduino I bought myself for X-mas! 

The best thing I’ve learnt this year? Stick your neck out.

The best thing I’ve done this year? Wondered round the middle east alone.

The best place I’ve worked this year? The Shard was pretty tall!

The best gear I’ve used this year? Has to be anything by BrikWorm (these guys have literally made my year heaven with their toys! ( http://www.brikworm.co.uk/ )

The best song i’ve heard this year? Don’t be silly…..

The best piece of software I’ve come across this year? Meyers Prediction Software – hours of fun this one!

The things i’d change about last year? Be more vigilant, clients aren’t always 100% now are they!

The wisest words I heard in 2012? “ye cool, one second, i’ll just pull a projector out of my ass” (anonymous Canadian fellow)

Funniest technical issue of the year? Chasing stray cats out from under stages before they soil the place!

Biggest change of the year? Loving my almost instantaneous defeat of Vertigo. Now found clambering round grids, climbing ladders & working in cherry pickers around the globe!

Hopes for next year? Do more sound Op work & work on my basic DMX skills…….Not to mention A nice new car 😉

There’s probably a world of questions about the last year I could whine on about here. I think the most important thing I’ve taken away from the year is the experience, friendship &   encouragement of all the people I have worked with over the year. For every nugget of advice, for every golden token of tech trick & for every job that has come my way – thanks 🙂

See you all in 2013

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