“Sounds a little bit 90’s”

The fruits of my labours have ripened and for the last few days I’ve been constantly playing with a bunch of 90’s midi gear (For the technical folk – Electribe es-1 + Ea-1 + Yamaha RX21 + BOSS DD-3 + internal feedback loops & various rack multi fx units = fun!). It’s nice to get away from the box and finally play something “live”. Even if I do just end up creating 20 minute cacophony i am am certainly having some fun. Many thanks to the Royal Mail and all those wonderful people putting old gear on ebay. I’ve got a few bits to ebay myself – perhaps I should start showing the love and giving some of my gear a new lease of life in another home. I’m just another sampler and a decent singing voice away from a live show now….perhaps I’ll spare you and keep it to the spare time 🙂

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