'all things audio'


Cosmetic orthodontics

Good few days at the BDTA – will be cleaning my teeth for over the UK average of 45 seconds from now on…..


Things change….and not always for the best! Keeps us on our toes mind you! Looks like i’m on the hunt for work again!


Hey all, Just added a few more bits to the old Resume. I’ll try get round to uploading some pics later today! You never know I might even blog about something soon!

Digbeth Dining Club

Sorry guys, summer is always a busy time. I’ve been doing small scale hires all over the shop! Catch us tonight at Spotlight Birmingham where we will be bringing some acoustic acts to life for Digbeth Dining Club’s 1st Birthday Bonanza! Come along for great music, great food and great people. I’ve not worked with these guys since Xmas so i’m really looking forward to getting heavily involved in some top street food for dinner this evening! 🙂

Silica Valley

Silica, great stuff. It saves rotting cars and drink doused turning tables. It can almost stop time, a little like this blog. Where have I been? I’m currently back in the (now sunny) UK, hoarding electronics as usual 🙂 Always open for business as usual 😉

Back Again

Once again i’m out in Doha avoiding the terrible British weather. This time i have a meeting room all of my own so i’m in charge of video & Powerpoint as well as sound this time! She’s a great little room with, as always in Doha, a top spec setup. Hmmmmm BSS graphics are just lovely aren’t they! We’ve just finished the Global Innovators 2013 conference and now we are heading into the first day of the meeting of the Supreme Education Council. All this and i’ll be back in the UK by the weekend! Shame I’ve had no time to make it up to the Moto GP! 

“Sounds a little bit 90’s”

The fruits of my labours have ripened and for the last few days I’ve been constantly playing with a bunch of 90’s midi gear (For the technical folk – Electribe es-1 + Ea-1 + Yamaha RX21 + BOSS DD-3 + internal feedback loops & various rack multi fx units = fun!). It’s nice to get away from the box and finally play something “live”. Even if I do just end up creating 20 minute cacophony i am am certainly having some fun. Many thanks to the Royal Mail and all those wonderful people putting old gear on ebay. I’ve got a few bits to ebay myself – perhaps I should start showing the love and giving some of my gear a new lease of life in another home. I’m just another sampler and a decent singing voice away from a live show now….perhaps I’ll spare you and keep it to the spare time 🙂